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Contoh kalimat simple present tense aktif dan pasif

Contoh kalimat simple present tense aktif dan pasif-Setelah memahami bentuk kalimat simple present tense, pada kesempatan kali ini pak guru akan mengajak kalian semua yang masih semangat belajar Bahasa Inggris untuk memperluas wawasan lagi. Contoh-contoh kalimat sebelumnya merupakan kalimat simple present tense dalam bentuk kalimat aktif. Bagaiamana bentuk pasifnya? Kenapa perlu bentuk pasif juga? Karena dalam bahasa inggris ada kalanya pelaku tindakan tidak begitu penting ditunjukkan atau diketahui, tetapi lebih mementingkan tindakan apa yang telah dilakukannya.
Nah, kalimat aktif itu sendiri merupakan kalimat yang subjeknya melakukan suatu tindakan, sedangkan kalimat pasif menyatakan objeknya dikenai suatu tindakan dan pelakunya tidak begitu dipentingkan untuk diketahui. Rumusan kalimat simple present tense aktif:

the course
many times

Untuk rumusan simple present tense pasif:
To be
Participated (V-3)

This food
by her
Ingat selalu gunakan participated setelah to be!

Contoh kalimat present tense aktif:
1.      Kalimat Simple Present Tense aktif
a.       Selena wants those books.
b.      We take picture sometimes.
c.       Tommy loves Emma much.
d.      Hani brings a beautiful bag.
e.       He lives at his house.
f.       They eat many foods.
g.      Mia takes care of him patiently.
h.      You need to bring jacket.
i.        It finishes fast
j.        Those eyes make me feel wonder.
k.      This heart feels so comfort.
l.        They learn English everyday.
m.       He sells her house more expensive.
n.         Some students ask the difficult problems.
o.         He answers her questions.
p.         You bring chocolates for her.
q.         Ron loves her so much.
r.          My husband likes me so much J.
s.          Diana comes late.
t.          He eats fast.
u.         My husband cuts his moustache sometimes.
v.         The market opens from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
w.       They often run three kilometers four days.
x.         The ship arrives late.
y.         It takes a bath fast.
2.      Kalimat simple present tense pasif
a.       Many foods are eaten by him fast.
b.      Book is brought by her.
c.       Bag is taken by Luna.
d.      It is taken much time.
e.       Lidia is shot by him.
f.       It is finished so fast.
g.      These pictures are loved by father.
h.      Those meals are need by us.
i.        It is located at Flamboyan street.
j.        It is known as famous people.
k.      You are needed to solve these problems.
l.        The cat is carried in her arm.
m.    The fishes are needed to complete this cookbook.
n.      Those shoes are bought by them all.
o.      This mobile phone is called regularly.
p.      The car is washed everyday.
q.      The plates are destroyed sometimes.
r.        Those books are read continuously.
s.       She is loved by her friends.
t.        Viktor is pulled strongly.
u.      My boyfriend is needed by me.
v.      Her nails are polished in red color.
w.    Her cheek is changed by make up.
x.      She is made up fast.
y.      This food is made from the bottom of her heart.

Mudah sekali kan dipahami? :). Masih banyak lagi contoh-contoh dan variasi kalimat simple present tense aktif pasif. Ayo tetap rajin berlatih guys… semangat! #wink :)                                                 

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