Contoh Soal bahasa inggris kelas 4, 5, dan 6 SD tentang waktu jam berapa serta Pembahasannya

Waktu atau jam merupakan suatu hal yang sangat penting dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Maka dari itu tentu kemampuan membaca dan memahami alat meisn waktu (jam), tentu sangat dibutuhkan. Membaca jam dalam bahasa indonesia tentu sudah pada jago ya. Nah kalau dalam bahasa inggris, apakah sudah pada paham? Yuk mari disimak latihan soal di bawah ini untuk mengingatkan kembali kemampuan bahasa inggris kalian!

Contoh Soal bahasa inggris kelas 4, 5, dan 6 SD tentang waktu jam berapa serta Pembahasannya

Berikut ini pak guru sajikan soal latihan bahasa inggris tentang jam untuk kelas 5 SD. Selamat belajar!

I. Choose the correct answer by choosing a, b, c or d! (pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan memilih a, b,  c atau d!)

Soal nomer 1


A: What time is it?


a. It’s a quarter past six

b. It’s seven past six

c. It’s quarter past seven

d. It’s eight fifteen

Soal nomer 2

12.30 pm

It’s ….

a. twelve fifteen in the afternoon

b. half past twelve

c. twelve thirty in the afternoon

d. twelve fifteen in the morning

Soal nomer3

05.10 am  

Maira: what’s the time, please?

Febri : …..

a. It’s ten past five in the afternoon

b. It’s six ten in the afternoon

c. It’s six ten in the evening

d. It’s ten past five in the morning

Soal nomer 4

A half past three is …..

a. 03.15

b. 03.30

c. 03.00

d. 03.45

Soal nomer 5

A quarter to twelve is….

a. 12.00

b. 11.45

c. 12.15

d. 11.15

Text for number 6-10

Theo wakes up early in the morning. He wakes up at half to four. His father weaks up  thirty minutes after Thoo. Theo takes a bath at a half to five o’clock. Then he gets dressed. He has breakfast at six o’clock. After having breakfast, his father drives her to school at half past six. Theo arrives at school at a quarter to seven.

6. Theo wakes up at ….

a. 04.00

b. 03.00

c. 03.30

d. 04.15

7. Theo’s father wakes up at ….

a. 04.00

b. 05.00

c. 04.30

d. 05.30

Soal nomer 8

Maira   : What time does Theo arrives at school?

Lina     : Theo arrives at  ….

a. 06.30

b. 06.15

c. 06.45

d. 07.15

9. Theo … after taking a bath.

a. Has breakfast

b. Goes to school

c. Gets dressed

d. Drives to school

10. Has Theo got breakfast at six o’clock?

a. No, he has not

b. Yess, he has

c. Yess, he have

d. Yess, he has not

Soal nomer 11

We go to school at …. (tujuh kurang dua puluh)

a. A twenty to seven

b. A twenty to six

c. A quarter to seven

d. A quarter past six

Soal nomer 12

There are … minutes in a hour.

a. sixty

b. twenty

c. fifteen

d. fourty

Soal nomer 13

Library opening hour 09.00 a.m – 09.00 p.m.

The library opens at ….

a. nine in the afternoon

b. nine in the morning

c. nine in the evening

d. nine in the noon

Soal nomer 14

Arrange this sentences.

prays – she – a half – at – four – shubuh – past

   1          2      3          4       5          6            7

a. 2-1-4-3-7-5-6

b. 4-3-7-5-2-6-1

c. 1-6-2-4-3-7-5

d. 2-1-6-4-3-7-5

Soal nomer 15

She usually does her home work at fifteen past seven p.m. the word “at fifteen past seven p.m” means ….

a. Jam tujuh pagi

b. Jam tujuh lebih lima belas menit pagi

c. tujuh lebih lima belas menit malam

d. Jam tujuh malam

Soal nomer 16

04.50 am  

It’s ten … five

a. past

b. to

c. at

d. o’clock

Soal nomer 17

Maira and I play slide at a quarter past two. We play at ….

a. 02.30

b. 02.25

c. 02.00

d. 02.15

Soal nomer 18

My mother sweeps the floor at six a.m. it is ….

a. Six in the evening

b. Six in the morning

c. Six in the afternoon

d. Six in the night

Soal nomer 19

Dani goes home after school at half past twelve in the afternoon. It is ….

a. 11.30 p.m

b. 12.30 a.m

c. 12.30 p.m

d. 11.30 p.m

Soal nomer 20

I like reading some books with my mother at a quarter to eight in the night. It is ….

a. 08.15 p.m

b. 07.15 p.m

c. 07.45 p.m

d. 08.15 a.m


1.a.It’s a quarter past six

2. c.twelve thirty in the afternoon

3. d.It’s ten past five in the morning

4. b.03.30

5. b.11.45

6. c. 03.30

7. a.04.00

8. c.06.45

9. c.Gets dressed

10. b.Yess, he has

11. a.A twenty to seven

12. a.sixty

13. b.nine in the morning

14. d.2-1-6-4-3-7-5

15. c.Jam tujuh lebih lima belas menit malam


17. d.02.15

18. b.Six in the morning

19. b.12.30 p.m

20. c.07.45 p.m

II. Match the sentences with the correct time! (cocokkan kalimat-kalimat berikut dengan waktu yang benar!)

1. It is eleven o’clock                                    (…)                                              a. 11.10

2. it is quarter to seven                                (…)                                             b. 11.00

3. it is twenty five to three                          (…)                                              c. 06.55

4. it is five minutes to seven                       (…)                                             d. 06.45

5. it is ten past eleven                                  (…)                                              e. 02.35


1. b

2. d

3. e

4. c

5. a

III. Write the answer based on text! (tuliskan jawaban berdasarkan teks!)

It is Sunday morning. Maira gets up very early. She gets up at 04.15 a.m. She makes the bed and sweeps the floor. She likes these jobs much. then, she goes to bathroom. She brushes her teeth. She never forgets doing Subuh praying at a half past four.

At 05.00, Maira goes out. She wears her sport clothes ans shoes. She makes a warm up. She goes to the city park. She does jogging in the park. She likes it because it keeps her body healtthy. At a half past six, Maira goes home. after that, she takes a bath and helps her mom cleaning the kichen and cooking some meals. She has breakfast at ten to seven a.m with her family.


1. When does Maira get up very early?

Answer: She gets up very early every ….

2. What time does she get up on Sunday morning?

Answer: she gets up at ….

3. Where does she go after jogging?

Answer: she goes ….

4. Does Maira go to the city park to jogging?

answer: ….

5. Why does she love jogging?

Answer: ….


1. She gets up very early every Sunday morning

2. she gets up at 04.15 a.m

3. she goes home

4. yess, she does

5. because it keeps her body healthy.

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